duminică, 14 noiembrie 2010

phoenix... from ashes

my second dailydeviation....

Daily Deviation

Given 2008-04-16
"Frequently when I am feeling down, when i hit my darkest moment I read story of the Phoenix arising from the ashes and it fills me with hope. phoenix...... from ashes by *lovelycristina depicts phoenix arising flames, from the burden, chains and darkness of today of towards freedom and bright tomorrow. The painting displays wonderful textural style and movement, composition is spot on, and it allows the beautiful, kind, amazing soul of the artist shine brightly as a guiding light for everyone to see. "(Featured by `sbaraci)

and about this painting... the reasons of making it are the incredible answers I received on deviantart when I asked this:
"dear friends.....
give me some reasons (motivations) to continue........ my work (draw and paint).
if you have, I need honest ones."

the answers are here: http://lovelycristina.deviantart.com/journal/16398409/

so no need to explain more.
was from cristina with love.

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