duminică, 7 noiembrie 2010

fantasy... island

my first dailydeviation at deviantart.com.

story about it:
was painted after a theme given by a good friend of mine :iconarchann:
I like to illustrate a theme, it's like an exam to me :D

I started it preparing the background in my style. I added real seahorses,  received as a gift.
the story about them: were already dead........ a friend of mine took, dry and varnish them.

but that background stayed unpainted for a while... till...
the colors was added in just one night, after a little painful storm in my life, after trying to argue to somebody very close why painting is so important to me..... I illustrated the pain in the right detail (see for yourself, there, something's bleeding....)
it's a painting born from frustrations and lots of questions (some of them still don't have answers to me...)

here you have the motivations of the ones who gave me the dailydaviation:
Daily Deviation
Given 2007-11-24
"What can be said about fantasy... other than it's beautiful, stunning, stellar, colourful. See for yourself what ~lovelycristina has created, and you will know how lovely this mixed media piece is. (Suggested by ~Aphariel and Featured by `JesusIV)"

and here you have the comment on it I love the most:

=ericthom57 Sep 5, 2007
"Been trying like heck to figure out exactly what it is that attracts me to your work...and I think I finally kinda sorta nailed it! Your work is bold, but not always in a loud sort of way. It is dramatic without screaming. It is soothing, but not lulling. It moves without racing.
Once again, beautifully done!"

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